Anywhere you combine video games and large masses of the general public you are bound to find the odd cosplayer, but today at the Games Convention in Leipzig I not only found cosplayers - I found their nest. Entering the transparent dome building I've dubbed the Hall of Justice I only encountered one or two costumed con-goers, but once I got to the very back of the building I discovered an almost never-ending stream of them coming in through the back door. Following the trail, I discovered a veritable cosplayer hive. Resident Evil, Naruto, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and many I was too dizzy to correctly identify, buzzing about their business until they spied the telltale glint of light off a camera lens, at which point they'd drop everything and go into their defensive poses. If I had to pick a winner, I'd say it was definitely the main character from The World Ends With You, though after snapping the pic of Link not posing I felt I had betrayed the cosplayer-camera guy trust and had to flee.