I really thought everyone was kidding about the whole sausage and beer thing. I thought it was a negative stereotype or something...you know, "Oh those sausage and sauerkraut eating Germans." Rounding the corner and finding myself at the back of the grub line this afternoon I was mildly bemused to discover what was being served. It's sausage...and sauerkraut. To be fair, there was a host of other items - a lovely tomato-based pasta salad, some delicious fruit with red goo, tiny rolls that turned out to be mini pizza-type things, but at the forefront, sauerkraut and sausage in both link and ball form. I'm certainly not complaining though. It's a far-cry from the horrid box lunches you get at American trade shows, and quite honestly sausage and sauerkraut has always been one of my favorite meals. It's the German in me. I may not know what they're saying, but they're definitely speaking my language.