To: Ash From: Crecente Re: Can I Have Your Autograph, Mr. Greenspan? Personally, I've never understood the whole autograph thing, even when I was a kid. I remember my parents pushing me to get autographs of various famous people when we happened to run into them, but I never actually kept any of them. I mean, it's just a signature. Now if it were on the bottom of a check, that's another thing. Today a friendly Penny-Arcader emailed me to tip me off that my coverage of the upcoming Penny Arcade Expo might be a little more... difficult... than usually. Apparently, someone has added me, specifically a picture of me standing in line, as a scavenger item in the great PAX Scavenger Hunt. Of course this means I have to make sure no one takes such a picture of me. My plan? Go disguised as MTV's Patrick Klepek. What you missed: Suspect Arrested In San Antonio EB Murder Fable II Definitively Dated Blizzard Looking for New Diablo III Art Director SOCOM Beta Kicks Off in Sept, How You Can Get In Frankenreview: PixelJunk Eden Diablo III Art Director Quits, Game Remains The Same How To Apply To The U.S. Home Beta Blitz II Has Exploding Testicles