To: Crecente From: Ashcraft RE: Monsters in the Closet... Garage... Basement... Toilet? A monster capturing kit? I'm seeing hair care products for some reason.... So! Today, Luke was working on that MGS4/LBP mash-up, and Mini-Bash asked why that character was dressed as Snake. I told him that was Sackboy, and he's from another game called LittleBigPlanet. And yeah, he wanted to see the trailer for that, so I showed it to him. While watching the trailer, he's started to get giddy, like hopping around and stuff. It was like I had showed him television for the first time or something. He thought LBP was the most amazing thing he had ever seen — that's what he said. Then he asked, "Is there going to be a Sackboy movie?" Dunno, I told him, dunno. But hey, if it was anywhere near as adorable as the trailers and gameplay footage has been, I'd sure as shit watch it. Pretty sure the kid would, too. What you missed last night Review: The Last Guy. Run From The Zombie Monsters!! Second Halo Movie Script Lives Long Enough To Generate Concept Art Xbox Live Phishing Scam Why 2K Boston Aren't Making BioShock 2 Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Asia Version Announced! Blizzard Tell "Fans" To Sit Down, Shut Up People Are Going SCIV Creator Crazy! Guitar Hero World Tour's Box Art Reminds Us It's A "Complete Band Game" LittleBigPlanet Still Has A Secret FFXIII Comes To Men's Formal Wear Xbox Avatars Can't Be Killed, Limited To E Rated Titles Only