To: Luke From: Owen Re: Goodbye QuakeCon, Hello Game Con Headed to a barbecue up in Berkeley today, where we're gonna play coed Beer Pong for the Wii. Actually, the game is that "Beirut" shit that whiny, paddlephobic Gen-Yers cooked up because waaah they couldn't hit a ping-pong ball in one of two cups. The last time I played Beirut up there I put my ass through my friends' window (don't ask how) and it has yet to be replaced. This picture is of me in an umpire's chair refereeing real Beer Pong in Berkeley, awarding victory to "Team W" (inside joke). And yesterday, a real live girl came over to play video games. Like it was her idea, even. We played Red Dead Revolver's showdown mode (she loved that) and then Grand Theft Auto. "Wow, you're way less violent and sociopathic than I thought you would be," she said. When she played, she kept ramming the mark in the mission where you tail the car with Manny (Lord I am so far behind on this game). When that became too boring, we talked about relationships and ordered a mushroom and canadian bacon pizza. Some highlights: Rumor: Fallout 3 Unbanned In Oz? Proof of the $199 Xbox 360 Rumor New Environment Coming to Team Fortress 2? GTA 100 Percenters Have 7 Days to Get Their Key Obama vs. McCain in Soulcalibur IV Just to Be Clear: FF Versus XIII "PS3 Only Worldwide"