Sure, we might not get getting Who's Next in its entirety due to misplaced master recordings, but that doesn't mean we aren't still getting a massive Rock Band update from the band. July 15th will see the release of a 12 song track pack of The Who's greatest hits, scraped together from whatever master tracks were available, including "My Generation" and "Who Are You". Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos has the skinny.

"Their music really comes alive when you're playing it," said Rigopulos. "We were trying to release 'Who's Next' in its entirety, but we were unable to locate all the masters. So in the face of that, Pete (Townshend) and Roger (Daltrey) helped curate this best-of soundtrack of everything we were able to find."

The best of what's left - awesome! Still, any Who is better than no Who. The full pack will be available July 15th for $19.99, with the individual songs available at $1.99 a piece.


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