Sierra Online just sent us a fact sheet and some screens for upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title Interpol. The puzzle game is set to hit the Xbox 360 this fall. The full Fact Sheet is on the jump.


Basic Fact Sheet

Publisher Sierra Online

Developer TikGames

Category Puzzle

Platform XBLA

Overview/Storyline Track down the evil and destructive fugitive Dr. Chaos, as you hunt down clues in this exciting seek and find game. As an elite agent for Interpol, it is your mission to eradicate his trail of corruption as it takes you around the world from one international city to the next. Use your investigative skills to quickly gather the evidence needed to bring him to justice.


Game Features

Tons of Puzzles – Analyze elaborate crime scenes to uncover hundreds of mysterious hidden objects

Glamorous Destinations – Search for clues scattered in exotic locales around the world including San Francisco, Cairo, Paris, Tokyo and more.

Clever Minigames - Discover bonus similarities and differences puzzles to test your keen eye-sight

4 Player Co-op – Complete missions with other agents to quickly apprehend this dangerous criminal before he does more harm

Availability Fall 2008

Rating RP