Yesterday's Rock Band update only contained one measly song from punk rock band and half of the Crazy Taxi soundtrack The Offspring, but fans shouldn't worry about their favorite band being slighted as their official website lists no fewer than six more songs getting the DLC treatment in the near future. On top of yesterday's "Hammerhead", the site lists "Come Out And Play [Keep ‘Em Separated]", "Self Esteem", "Gone Away", "All I Want", "Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)", and "The Kids Aren‘t Alright" as coming soon for Rock Band.

I wouldn't say I am a big fan of The Offspring, but I sometimes get in the mood for Dexter Holland's unique vocal stylings, especially after playing Crazy Taxi and then heading out for a drive. Aside from "Pretty Fly", which I've always found just a bit too goofy, this is an excellent selection of tracks. I think I might actually be looking forward to some Rock Band DLC. Neat!

Hammerhead for Rock Band [The Offspring Official Site - Thanks LoopyChew!]