When are the Snake Stach finalists going to be announced? When's the voting? Huh, huh? Tell me! Well. I've been on vacation. I've been relaxing, so folks, you should be patient.

Okay! Let's start. We're giving away a New York City Comic Con Metal Gear Solid 2 Raiden figure. Here are the top thirty finalists. And man, was it hard to pick these. Imagine how hard it's going to be for you, Kotakuland, to pick the winner. Here's how it works: You may vote for one stache and only one. Click through the gallery below and write "I vote for this" under the pic you, well, want to vote for. Any votes from accounts created today will not count and be banned. Double votes will not count either. So remember, vote once and vote underneath the actual picture! Voting will close in 24 hours. Winner announced later in the week.