There’s nothing like dashing away on your horse after infiltrating a compound, calling in a pick-up, and then hearing your favorite song blaring in the distance as the helicopter makes its way closer to you.

It’s gratifying. Cathartic. And sometimes, damn funny—especially if you’re playing on the PC version of Metal Gear Solid V. You see, folks playing on the PC version have the option of importing music to The Phantom Pain. As you might expect, people are taking advantage of this opportunity by pairing the helicopter with the best/worst songs possible. Here are some of my favorites.


America, Fuck Yeah - Via SqeezyCheez

All Star - Via ultrabrilliant

The Time Is Now - Via Verbose Toast

(If you like that one, I’m guessing you’ll also appreciate this clip of WWE Entrance Music in Metal Gear Solid V uploaded by Dan Ryckert.)

Get Low - Via Thomas Rhodes

Batman Theme - Via Dark Fade

What are you guys importing into the game? And, in case you don’t actually know how to do this—here’s a quick primer. Now go out there and add the worst possible songs to The Phantom Pain. I believe in you.

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