The next Animal Crossing still doesn't have an American release date, but it'll be out in Japan on November 8. That's why Nintendo just showed about 40 minutes of the game on YouTube this morning.

Have a look!

You'll see many of the game's changes: the new roads and topiary, the campers, the co-op mini-games... and more. Plus, K.K. Slider is back to play you a song.


Our Japanese-speaking staff isn't around right now, so for a translation of what in the world the game's designers are talking about, we refer you to NeoGAF poster StreetsAhead, who provides a good rundown. Read that in one window while the video plays, and you should be set.

とびだせ どうぶつの森 Direct 2012.10.5 [Nintendo Direct, YouTube, Thanks Philip!]

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