A new 3DS update in America (the rest of North America, too?) is triggering a major overhaul to the system's Mii StreetPass Plaza. And, in the process, Nintendo adds a rabbit to the system who wants to sell you stuff.


The video above shows you this rabbit salesman (salesrabbit) in action. It's quite a sight and probably a more effective way of selling games than just listing them in the system's shop.

As for the games the rabbit is selling, well, they're new StreetPass games meant to be played with Miis collected from nearby 3DS systems. I've not played the games. There's not even anyone to StreetPass with at the moment, as I write this from home at 11pm.


Sorry, readers!

Mii Force, Flower Town, Warrior's Way and Monster Manor will go unplayed for now. Since they all came out in Europe already, you could just read about them in Edge. Each game costs $5. All four can be had in a $15 bundle. Buying each game gets you a new Mii hat.

The new Plaza update also adds an "Exchange Booth" that allows players to turn in tickets won in the new StreetPass games for Mii accoutrements.

And one of these updates or purchases also got me this... a Pixel Mario hat.

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UPDATE: According to the StreetPass Mii Plaza Music Player, the rabbit is officially called a Salesbunny.

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