3DS Gets Price, Date, Streaming TV, Games, Details

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Last night Nintendo dropped the bomb, the 3DS bomb. We heard about prices, release dates, streaming TV, virtual Game Boy, a new stylus and features and plenty of games.... all in 3D.

Here's a run down of the single day event packed with Nintendo news. And it wasn't just about the 3DS, we also heard a bit about the Wii and soon-to-be-yesterday's-news DS.

3DS Hardware

The Nintendo Conference 2010
The 3DS' Hardware Design Is Now Final (Check Out Its Stylus)
The Nintendo 3DS Has A Release Date
Here Are The Final Nintendo 3DS Details
Is The Nintendo 3DS Too Expensive?
Unlike the DSi XL, the 3DS will Let You Import Your Digital Game Library


3DS Software

The 3DS Has A Virtual Console For Game Boy Games
Mega Man Legends Headed To Nintendo 3DS
Resident Evil: Mercenaries Coming To The Nintendo 3DS
Watch Almost Every 3DS Game In Action
A Super Street Fighter IV 3DS Trailer With Gameplay
See The Nintendo 3DS's New Functions In Action
Love Simulator Coming To Nintendo 3DS
Four New Screens From Ocarina Of Time 3DS
OK, We Get It, Metal Gear Solid Is In 3D!
Streaming 3D TV Coming to the 3DS in Japan
The 3DS' Dead or Alive Dimensions in Action
Nintendogs And Cats, Living Together, Mass Hysteria


First Look At New Fatal Frame
Rhythm Heaven Is Bound For the Wii
The Last Story Out The First Month Of Next Year
Wii Remote Plus Is Official, Combines Peripheral With Controller



There Is A Pokemon Typing Game
Check Out Mario's Sweet Birthday DSi XL

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I doubt there will be Streaming TV in the US. I don't know why but it just doesn't seem like something Nintendo will do here. It would cost them too much for licensing and stuff like that I think.