3DS Firmware Update Next Week Adds Folders, Maybe Patches

Nintendo 3DS systems in North America will be able to get a firmware update on April 25 that will allow system owners to organize games and apps saved into the system in folders. It will also support software patches.


About the folders: FUCK YEAH. This is awesome news, I hope there are a lot of options to allow you to organize stuff however you want.

I've been aching for something like this for pretty long now. I own a lot of games on my 3DS, between my Ambassador freebies and all the stuff I've bought in the eShop, and I usually rearrange everything in "groups", as follows: Virtual Console titles, eShop releases, Applications, GBA games, NES games, etc. Every time I buy something new on the eShop, I need to put it in its correct place, and I have to move EVERYTHING ONE BY ONE. It drives me absolutely mad.

Here's hoping this "folders" feature makes that a thing of the past.

On a side note: patches? I thought they weren't anything new. I bought VVVVVV when it was released for the eShop months ago, and it had a glitch that made the game unplayable if you selected "Inverted" mode. And not long ago, I downloaded a update for that game that removed that glitch. Wasn't that a patch?