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3D was everywhere a year or two ago. Now it's...nowhere. Not even the 3DS, a handheld designed with the tech as its key selling point, uses it that often anymore. So is the tech dead in the water?


It is according to EA, with EA Sports boss Peter Moore telling Eurogamer "3D is certainly not in any way on our list of things we are focused upon as a company. I look at gaming, and it just doesn't seem to be a major factor."

"It's just not a technology particularly in our world of gaming that seems to have got traction", he later adds. "If I was sceptical 18 months ago I remain sceptical."


While Sony, who led the charge with its push for 3D tech on the PS3, remains at least publicly committed to the idea (despite offering little in the way of incentive or new product over the past 12 months), when EA and even Nintendo come out and shrug at the concept you're not far away from hearing a death rattle.

Which can only be a good thing. While some kind of three-dimensional display is almost inevitable somewhere down the line - maybe soon, maybe in "flying cars" time - right now it's simply too expensive and cumbersome for the mainstream.

EA says stereoscopic 3D "isn't a major factor" as tech fails to turn up at Sony press conferences [Eurogamer]

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