In Japan, 3D latte art is a thing. We've seen numerous examples. But 3D cocktail art? Do tell.

In the past few months, Tokyo bar Duke Capo has been getting more and more notice online in Japan for its adorable cocktail art, made from cream, chocolate sauce, and booze.

Courtesy of IT Media, you can see one of the cocktail artists at work:

And below, you can see some of the bar's wonderful creations:

[Pic: IT Media]

[Pic: 3cloudslosttown]

[Pic: danx3_c]

[Pic: odiman_nozomi]

[Pic: sweetsonlylove]

[Pic: joshikiji]

[Pic: Ayakatamai]

Animals like bears and cats tend to be popular, and requests do appear possible. For example, here is a Zaku from Gundam.

[Pic: Capo_duke]

Some of these are too cute to eat—drink, whatever!

3Dラテアートの次は「3Dカクテル」? 元パティシエが作るかわいすぎるお酒を飲んできた [IT Media]

ぜったい飲めない…話題の3Dカクテルがかわいいいい [Naver]

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