Konami arcade shooter Otomedius features a touch screen and traditional joystick/button interface. How the heck is that going to work on the Xbox 360 version? Well! Konami has teamed up with Japanese peripheral maker Hori to offer a solution: The Hyper Stick Pro - Otomedius Gorgeous Version. The specific stick features a touch pad, making it possible to recreate the arcade Otomedius experience at home. Bundle with Otomedius Gorgeous and character badges, the Hyper Stick Pro - Otomedius Gorgeous Version will go on sale September 25th for around Ā„27,000 (US$255). So subtract the $60 or the $70 that the game will retail and remember touching doesn't come cheap!

Check out the gorgeous Otomedius Gorgeous trailer here.

Hori Otomedius [Konami Style via Arcade Renaissance]