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360 Gets ANOTHER Australian Price Cut (Arcade Still #1 Seller)

Less than six months ago, Microsoft reduced the price of the Xbox 360 in Australia. It got pretty cheap, especially the Arcade, which dropped below the price of a Wii. Well, with Christmas coming up, Microsoft have decided to cut the price of the 360 again. All three consoles will benefit, the Arcade going from AUD$350 to AUD$300, the Pro from AUD$499 to AUD$399 and the Elite from AUD$649 to AUD$549. As you can see, those are some hefty cuts, which put the Arcade a full AUD$100 cheaper than the Wii and the Pro at almost half the price of a PS3. Interestingly, Microsoft Australia also say that, continuing a trend that began in August, the Arcade is still the top-selling 360 console in the country. Goes to show, you can include all the HDDs, HDs, wi-fis and waggles in the world in a console, and they'll mean nothing next to the bottom line.


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