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32% Of PS3 Owners Have GTA IV (And Other Fun Take-Two Statistics)

In case you missed it, there was a big, business-end-of-town conference, called the BMO Capital Markets Conference, held today in New York. Everyone who was anyone the the business end of the games industry was there. And that includes Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick, who gave a little talk on the state of his company. While it was filled mostly with stuff about sales projections and IP strengthening and blah blah blah, he did whip out a few presentation slides that were of interest. The first, top-left, shows the Metacritic review average of the major publishers in the US market - excluding (disappointingly) the platform holders first-party efforts - for the past year. Take-Two is sitting pretty at the top, but how bad were the rest of their games when GTA IV got near-perfect scores and their average was only 76%? The second, top-right, is a little more selective with its statistics. It shows the various publisher's US market share, but for 2002-2007, not the past year. Again, without first-party stuff, which is why the total number is so low. The third, at the bottom, is perhaps the most interesting. It shows the attach rate for the entire modern GTA series. For GTAIII to San Andreas, the figures are just for the PS2 version, while for GTA IV it's for both 360 and PS3. It's not often we see stats like this, but surely 32% of PS3 owners having a copy of GTA IV in their possession is some kind of record, at least for the PS3 (you have to assume games like Halo and Wii Play are a little higher).


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