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$30 Prototype 2 Kicks Off a Day of Amazon Video Game Deals

Prototype 2 for a mere $29.99 is the Deal of the Day at, the anchor for a series of time-sensitive Lightning Deals that includes games, hardware, and game-flavored accessories. Sit and stare all day. []


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8 am PDT: Kinect Adventures probably or some other shovelware.

10 am PDT: Final Fantasy XIII-2

12 pm PDT: Soul Calibur V Fight Stick

2 pm PDT: Not sure on this one

4 pm PDT: Something WoW-related, probably CATACLYSM (thanks earle117)

6 pm PDT: PS3 RPG title (collectors edition) can't tell what it is from the clue obviously.

8 pm PDT: Probably some Turtle Beach headset

Overall an underwhelming lineup of sales.