30 Minutes Of Impossibly Precise Mario Speedrunning

You probably know the story behind Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels, otherwise known as the real Super Mario Bros. 2, deemed too challenging to release in America back in the NES days. (The SMB2 we know and love is called "Super Mario USA" in Japan, which probably should be grounds for World War III.)

What you might not know is that The Lost Levels speedruns are remarkably fun to watch, especially when they don't use warps. Witness, for example, this incredible speedrun by the charming BigJon06, who was both precise and entertaining during his Awesome Games Done Quick run yesterday. Some of the later levels, like 7-1 through 7-3, are particularly impressive, and one trick he uses at the end will probably put a smile on your face. Also, stick around for the post-ending SECRET WORLD.

Watch it all here:

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By far one of the best runs of the event so far. Dude is just entertaining as hell and damned good to boot.