Dwarfs never even show up in this game, but sure, okay.

Shadow of War’s huge orc variety is one of the most impressive things about the game. In my dozens and dozens of hours of playtime, I’m still finding orc types I’ve never seen before, and many of them have interesting, hilarious, and uncomfortable things to say.

Below you will find some of my best orc encounters in Shadow of War, whether they made me laugh or almost made me want to barf. Make sure to expand the pictures so you can read the captions clearly.

The drunk

The intellectual

The smartasses

Yes, that is an orc hype man.

The bards

The one with a painful haircut

I don’t want to know how this look happened.

The homoerotic orcs

Of course this fucking orc’s name is Dush. OF COURSE IT IS.

Note that this is the biggest section on this compilation. I jokingly called this an orc dating sim in my review for a reason.

The nice one

The extremely relatable one

The gross ones

Every time I look at one of these orcs, my stomach starts to turn. Why would you do this, Monolith??


As a palette cleanser, please enjoy some more good orcs that I couldn’t really categorize:

Finally, I took a bunch of screenshots of a moaning orc that appeared in my game, but this compilation by IAmPattyJack gives you the best sense of why this type orc is so noteworthy:

(In my game, moaners were fully capable of talking—they just also liked to make weird sounds at you.)


What kinds of orcs have you encountered while playing Shadow of War? Make sure to share your stories and screenshots in the comments.