24 Different Ways To Kill Far Cry 4's Villain

After watching this, I'm pretty certain nobody hates Far Cry 4's villain, Pagan Min, more than Cosmic Contrarian. The guy spends nearly seven minutes killing Pagan Min in all sorts of hilarious ways in the level editor, from overloading him with turtles, to throwing him off cliffs.


And then, after Pagan Min is dead, he'll often do a double-tap just to make sure he stays extra dead. It's overkill, but I'm still in awe. I'm also slightly tempted to boot up Far Cry 4's map editor, because damn, this makes it look like a lot of fun.

EDIT: I have added another mention of the level editor in the lede, in addition to the already existing mention in the second graf, since people seem confused about whether or not this is about Far Cry 4's story. It's not.

Far Cry 4 Fun - I Hate Pagan Min [Cosmic Contrarian]



I...couldn't do it. In the end, he was the only character who "made sense". You keep that helicopter, Min - the world is a more interesting place with you in it.