23 Video Game Locations, Re-Imagined in Glorious HD

Provided, some of the games showcased here already are (or in the case of, for example, Skyrim, can be) in glorious HD. Still, it's a new perspective on something old and familiar, and that's always welcome.


This isn't the first Video Game Locations video—we've seen the first one last year, from the same guy, Tim Hijlkema. This time, he's got 23 famous game locations for us to figure out, provided we can spare the cognitive processing power as we try to take in all those gorgeous visuals. Do you recognize them all? Take a look, and make sure to watch in HD:

There's a cheat sheet in the comments below, courtesy of Hijlkema, in case you're stumped.

Video game locations 2 [Tim Hijlkema@YouTube]

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