Batterystaple Games and Fire Hose Games must agree with me that Mega Man X is the best Mega Man game, because their 20xx is an obvious tribute. 20XX perfectly recreates the feeling of Mega Man X, and generously adds all the procedural elements (scheduled challenges, permadeath, a progression system, loot) that players want out of an old-fashioned game these days.

And whoa: it has two-player online co-op. That’s amazing.

This article originally appeared 8/18/17. We’re bumping it today for 20xx’s release on consoles.


I am pleased to say it feels spectacular to play and the music is excellent. Check out this video where I walk you through how the game made me feel. Spoilers: I talk a little about my mom.

Anyway, yes: Mega Man X is the best Mega Man game, if you ask me. Well, Mega Man Legends is the best game with “Mega Man” in the title, and Mega Man 2 is the best game whose title is “Mega Man” followed immediately by a numeral, though look, when we’re talking about side-scrolling multi-weapon robot-shooting platform games, Mega Man X is the best. Mostly, this is because of the delicious dash action and the scrumptious wall-climbing. 20XX recreates the feeling of that dash perfectly, and then gives you an infinite playground to do it over and over again.