2010: A Video Gamer's Guide

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We've taken this year's big game releases, conventions, and assorted events, and condensed them all into a handy infographic we're calling 2010: A Video Gamer's Guide.


What you see before you, or in the extremely large image below, is a snapshot of the year 2010 in gaming, as it stands right now. It is by no means comprehensive, focusing mainly on big-name titles and, quite frankly, games some of our editors are looking forward to playing. We've tried to list most of the big events going on in the industry as well, from CES right on up to that moment in November when you realize you are completely broke, and you haven't bought half of the games you wanted to play.

This is ultimately a work in progress. As new games are announced, we will update the graphic. Likewise when release dates are revealed, information changes, or we finally figure out when Blizzard is going to hold BlizzCon this year. Perhaps the laws of irony will kick in here, and a large chunk of those ballpark release dates will be nailed down as soon as the infographic goes live, forcing us to go back into our giant project file, kicking ourselves for not labeling layers.

And yes, we cheated a little bit on January and February. Don't blame us. That's the linear flow of time's fault. Perhaps we'll catch up next year.

Be sure to click on the image below to make it impossibly large.

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Le Starman Royale, duc des Mudkips et des modules MIDI

OK, people, I'm going to make a quick edit of this list, so give me your suggestions.

What is missing from this list and what releases should be added?