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The above image gives a marvelous view of Mario Kart 8 racetrack Music Park. It’s also a screenshot the player shouldn’t have been able to capture.


Normally, busting outside of the normal confines of a level in Mario Kart 8 requires a) some sort of glitch or bug to be present and exploitable, or b) a hack of the game like the ones two modders famously performed last year. Kart racer and Reddit user dizzyzane wasn’t using any special hacking tricks, though. He was just driving really, really fast thanks to Mario Kart 8’s game-changing new 200CC speed class.


The player also captured a video of the ordeal:

200C mode has already proven to alter the Mario Kart 8 meta-game in substantial ways, and render the once-ubiquitous firehopping technique useless. What’s interesting about dizzyzane’s new finding isn’t the novelty of passing through Music Park’s ceiling—someone else noted in the comments under his Reddit post that the move was already possible in 150CC. Well, sort of possible...players couldn’t get quite as high off the ground without 200CC’s mega-jumps.

What’s cool about the new find, rather, is the way that 200CC accelerates the discovery of courses’ bumps and scratches—passing moments of instability where the Mario Kart curtain is pulled back:


And players get a glimpse, however brief, at some behind-the-scenes magic.

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