What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The Richmond Flying Squirrels, ladies and gentlemen.
The Richmond Flying Squirrels, ladies and gentlemen.
Screenshot: Sony / Kotaku

This weekend is for baseball. You can do other things if you want. Seems like good gardening weather? Maybe take the kids someplace where there are fish? Kids really love fish. Anyway, baseball.


It’s early access day for MLB The Show 21 and I plan to capitalize on the four-day head start by building stadiums, opening card packs that make no sense to me, creating my own up-and-coming baseball superstar, and avoiding online play like the plague because I fear better players. This year marks the first time the series is appearing on a non-PlayStation console, so while I play the PlayStation 5 version I’ve got the Xbox Series X Game Pass version preloading in the background. I’m even working on my sad, balding character for the Road To The Show story mode.

Maybe I should lean more towards the fantasy aspect.
Screenshot: Sony / Kotaku

So that’s what I’ll be playing this weekend, but that’s not what the headline of this article asks. What are YOU playing this weekend?

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No idea yet. Maybe restart up the three Fable or Dragon Age games, or maybe just play Civ all weekend (again)? I’ve had the itch to fire up Mass Effect again for a while, but holding off for now (less than a month to go).