Classic Half-Life 2 Mod Neotokyo Gets A Singleplayer Spinoff

Illustration for article titled Classic Half-Life 2 Mod Neotokyo Gets A Singleplayer Spinoff
Image: NEOTOKYO° Kshatriya

Neotokyo is an absolute PC gaming classic, a (somehow) free mod for Half-Life 2 that remains one of the prettiest and coolest multiplayer shooters on the planet. And now, 12 years after its first release, it has a single-player experience for fans to play through.


NEOTOKYO° Kshatriya is a little rusty around the edges, but in essence gives loads of Neotokyo fans exactly what they wanted from the original: the chance to really explore its cyberpunk streets in a more relaxing and immersive way than was possible in multiplayer maps.

While made by different people—this is a product of SerygalaCaffeine, with Neotokyo’s original creators having moved onto work on stuff like (surprise!) Deus Ex and Ghost in the Shell—it retains a lot of the feel of Neotokyo.

You can download a demo and try it out here.

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Oh that name brings me back. So glad they found a way to bring new life to the mod. It’s a dang shame so many mods were multiplayer only and gave no way for people to experience the large swaths of (aesthetic and gameplay) content the community created.