Doom Eternal's Next DLC Comes Out Tomorrow

doom guy in doom eternal
Screenshot: Microsoft

Hell yeah! Doom Eternal’s next and final expansion, The Ancient Gods - Part 2, will come out tomorrow, developer iD Software announced today.


The expansion, which picks up after last fall’s first chapter—The Ancient Gods - Part 1—appears inspired far more by typical fantasy than by the science-fiction that characterizes the main game. Many of the environments look straight out of Skyrim. Monsters pour out of Endgame-style portals. C’mon, DoomGuy literally rides a dragon at one point.

Earlier this week, Bethesda—Doom Eternal’s publisher—teased a full trailer and a release date. Last year, the company announced The Ancient Gods - Part 1 at Gamescom, nearly two months before release. In light of that, today’s “out tomorrow!” announcement comes as a pleasant surprise.

I’ve personally been holding off on The Ancient Gods until both chapters were available. (No spoilers, please!) There’s a narrative element to these two campaigns, picking up directly after the events of the main game, and I’m not one for cliffhangers. Plus, in the fall, there were roughly eight gazillion different games on my backlog. The release calendar is in somewhat of a different state right now, so I, for one, am looking forward for a solid reason to jump back into one of last year’s best shooters.

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After having just recently beaten Doom 2016, I was gonna hold off on playing the whole shebang until both expansions were out. Guess I’m starting Doom Eternal sooner rather than later!