World Of Warcraft's First Player-Voted Mount Is A Big Ol' Tree You Can Get For Free

Treeriders of Azeroth.
Treeriders of Azeroth.
Screenshot: Blizzard / Kotaku

Last year Blizzard held a poll to determine what sort of ride World of Warcraft players wanted as a special community mount. We chose the Wandering Ancient, and now that choice has borne fruit, or in this case, a whole damn tree, free now for everyone who owns the Shadowlands expansion.


The Wandering Ancient is a wise old tree that’s been slowly plodding about various Azeroth lands since the game’s launch. It’s an iconic beast, which is why it beat out competitors like a slimy cat and a colorful caterpillar in last year’s fan vote. Now the bark-covered beast is in the game, available for free in the mount tab of anyone who owns Shadowlands, as well as anyone who purchases the expansion in the future.

The cool thing about the Wandering Ancient, aside from its massive size, is that its leaves change colors with the seasons, giving players a reason to break it out all year long. Sadly it does not fly, but that makes sense. If trees could fly, there’d be none on the ground.

My favorite feature of the Wandering Ancient, however, is the caterpillar that’s riding behind my player character, a nod to the community mount that might have been.

Lil caterpillar is my best friend.
Screenshot: Blizzard / Kotaku

It’s nice to have a handy snack on hand while riding across the afterlife.

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I voted for Slime-kitty. But nooo people wanted the tree.