Hell Yeah, A Coffee Shop Tycoon Game

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Screenshot: Coffee Tycoon

I am an absolute sucker for specialist tycoon games, whether you’re running a football team, game studio, bus company or emergency service. So my next indulgence may well be Espresso Tycoon, a game about building some coffee shops.


Espresso Tycoon looks like it’ll start small, but it also looks like this is not the kind of game where you just open one little shop at the end of your street, get to know the neighbourhood, and sell some flat whites and maybe some baked treats out a small window.

That’s the kind of game I’d like best (and kinda got last year), but instead, this looks like a Starbucks simulator, only instead of just building the stores you’re also setting the menu and creating the blends as well. Which is also fine, just maybe not as cozy.

Espresso Tycoon is coming to PC in late 2022.

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Does it come with the mild existential dread I experienced as a 20 (something) year old counter worker? Because that would be a modified stat I’d love to see! Have just the right amount? You get more costumers! Too much? They are turned off by the ennui.