Report: Another GameStonk Movie Is In The Works At Netflix

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Less than a day after news broke that MGM had acquired filming rights for an upcoming book about the ongoing GameStop stock situation, Deadline is reporting that another GameStonk movie is being developed at Netflix.


The streaming giant is reportedly in talks with Mark Boal, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of both The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty, to pen a GameStop movie, with All The Boys I’ve Loved Before star Noah Centineo in a major role.

While those involved declined to comment, Deadline writes that the Netflix film is meant to paint a larger picture of how social media has “leveled the playing field” between those with and without institutional power. The online campaign to jack up GameStop share prices and defund short-shelling investors will reportedly be compared to last month’s assault on the United States capitol building by far-right conspiracy theorists and Trump supporters. This is due to how both events largely coalesce on the internet, which is certainly a decision.

The other announced GameStop project is based on an as-of-yet unwritten manuscript by Ben Mezrich, whose 2009 book about Facebook’s founding, The Accidental Billionaires, previously inspired the David Fincher-direct biopic The Social Network in 2010. Why we need two of these is above my paygrade, but I’m sure both will handle this momentous event, in which all of capitalism’s bullshit has been laid bare, with thoughtful insight and care.

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I don’t get the “Stonk” joke. Is that supposed to be a reference to something?