What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Screenshot: Capcom

The weekend is for decompressing after an incredibly trying week. Riding a dog and hunting some monsters sounds like it might do the trick.


I am not a Monster Hunter player, but after everything that’s happened this past week, I crave human interaction and the Switch demo for Monster Hunter Rise looks like it’ll do the trick. I watched some streams yesterday and I’m very impressed with the game’s fur rendering technology, as well as all the lovely purple puppies to play with. I’ve also charged up my Vita for the weekend, so I’ll be spending some time in rhythm game heaven with IA/VT Colorful.

How about you folks? What games will be on your screens this weekend?

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Faux Bravo

Slowly chipping away at the first Dark Souls lately, so some more of that. I’m back in Blighttown for like the millionth time. There have been several attempts to finish over the years and I always end up starting over. I’ve been as far as Anor Londo. I’m making it my mission to actually finish all the Soulsborne games(maybe not Sekiro). I’ve only finished Dark Souls 2. Bloodborne will be on deck after that, as I’m most of the way through it. Not sure why I stopped that one.

I’ve also been plugging away at Ys VIII. It’s fun, if maybe a bit too anime for me. Except for the dreams the main character has in some camping sequences, there doesn’t seem to be any story beyond “Our boat crashed, lets find survivors.” I assume I’m just not far enough yet. But I’ve rescued a bunch of people. How many more can there be?

I’ve also been on a roguelike/lite kick lately. I picked up Enter the Gungeon over the holiday and have been having a lot of fun with that, despite not making it past the third floor so far. I’m terrible. Also another western-themed one called Colt Canyon has been pretty cool. Got a few others as backup if these two get boring. That seems unlikely.

Lastly, some Deep Rock Galactic with a couple of friends. We grabbed that over the holiday, too. One friend has been going ham on his own and leveled a ton and done all kinds of missions. So far I’ve just played the Scout. But that game is a damn good time. And it seems like they have plenty more content in the pipeline, so it should have some longevity.