Cyberpunk 2077 On Ultra Low Settings Looks Like Pixel Hell

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Screenshot: The LowSpec Gamer

Continuing the fine work he’s done on previous games like The Witcher 3, the LowSpecGamer has picked up Cyberpunk, dropped all the settings to low and then gone further, poking around in the game’s code to turn one of the year’s most visually demanding titles into a blurry shitstain.


His stated goal is to see if the game could run on a super low-spec PC with an integrated graphics card, but really, most of us are just here for the achievement of seeing how low he can go.

This man is supposed to have hair.
Screenshot: The LowSpec Gamer

The good news is that’s pretty low! He does some wonderful stuff like removing everyone’s hair and disabling lip-syncing. The better news is that since this is only the start of his efforts—the initial tweaks are a lot harder to pull off than they were in The Witcher 3—there’ll be better stuff to come.

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At an intermediate stage it looks like the old 1997 Westwood Blade Runner RPG. I kind of like it.