It’s Super Easy To Make Kanye West In Demon’s Souls

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Unlike the original Demon’s Souls, the PlayStation 5 remake includes a fairly robust character creation system. While I was mostly content to make a generic, purple-skinned lady for my first playthrough, folks have been able to craft some interesting characters.

Someone also figured out how to make a decent Kanye West, if you want to take a facsimile of the rapper on a whirlwind tour of Boletaria.

This short video from Rehv’s Basement details all the options you’ll want to pick to make your very own Kanye West. I also took some pointers from Reddit user wanyekest2024, who suggested using a different hairstyle and slimming down his cheeks a bit, the results of which you can see at the top of this article. Sure, it’s not picture perfect, but it gets the job done.


As a longtime Kanye West fan, I prefer the Demon’s Souls version of the artist these days. I’d much rather watch him silently fight a collection of fearsome demons than support Trump and launch his own failed presidential bid.

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