There’s Still Hope If You, A Dummy, Didn’t Pick The Providential Ring In Demon’s Souls

Turn the Old Hero into a Dead Hero.
Turn the Old Hero into a Dead Hero.
Screenshot: PlayStation Studios / Bluepoint Games

Did you start the Demon’s Souls remake without choosing the new Providential Ring as your starting gift? Well, first off, you really should have read my beginner’s tips! Lucky for you, the Souls community has discovered a way to snag this helpful piece of jewelry further into the game. It’s just going to take a lot more work than making a simple menu selection.


The Providential Ring is one of the best additions to Demon’s Souls on PlayStation 5. The boost it provides to item discovery makes collecting healing grass from early-game enemies a breeze, and unlike many of the other starting gifts, it lasts forever. After almost three weeks of exploring the remake, however, players were convinced that the ring was unobtainable throughout the rest of the game if you didn’t take it during character creation.

Fortunately, that’s not the case. A recent post on the Demon’s Souls subreddit by user Hawthorne64 provided the solution. Sparkly the Crow, an NPC who will trade various items with the player in the first stage of the Shrine of Storms, hands over a Providential Ring in exchange for a Large Sword of Searching. That particular blade is made by combining various weapons (upgraded to +8, of course) with the Hero Demon Soul, which is obtained after defeating the Old Hero boss in the second stage of the Shrine of Storms.

Crows are rad, Sparkly the Crow most of all.
Crows are rad, Sparkly the Crow most of all.
Screenshot: PlayStation Studios / Bluepoint Games / Kotaku

Trial-and-error discussion on Reddit revealed even more layers to this mystery. Sparkly won’t take any old Large Sword of Searching, it seems. No, you need to be sure to craft the Large Sword of Searching from a scimitar, one of nine possible base weapons that can be used in its creation. It just wouldn’t be a Souls game without a bunch of convoluted nonsense, now would it.

This has benefits apart from those inherent to the Providential Ring, too. Demon’s Souls achievement hunters who didn’t take the ring at the beginning of the PlayStation 5 game can now fulfill the “obtain all rings” requirement for the “King of Rings” trophy without having to start an entirely new character.

Sparkly has, sadly, gone quiet for many players after having exchanged the Large Sword of Searching for the Providential Ring, indicating that all of her trades have been discovered. I was hoping deluxe edition exclusives like the Reaper Scythe and Ritual Blade would eventually be found in the same way, but it looks like those weapons will remain locked behind a paywall for the time being.

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Okay, I have to ask. As a guy who never played a Souls game (apart from an hour of Bloodborne who killed me with boredom... Is it to hard too ask a game to tell me even approximately what to do and/or where to go ?)... Should I play this game ?