Day One Patch To Fix Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's Overpowered Sliding

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Treyarch announced it’s going to fix one of Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s most powerful and controversial tactics ahead of launch: sliding.


While Black Ops Cold War doesn’t come out until tomorrow, players have already gotten a taste of its multiplayer during weekend betas earlier in the month. One of the major verdicts? It was too easy to abuse sliding to get the jump on opponents and pick them off before they even knew what was happening.

It was bad:

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To many players’ relief, Treyarch agrees with them, and announced in its day one patch notes that the maneuver will be severely nerfed. The slide is now shorter, slower, and doesn’t let you begin shooting during it so quickly.

“Sliding is intended as an escape mechanic or quick entrance into crouch or cover,” Treyarch wrote. “It’s not intended to be over-used during engagements, or to be too advantageous in close quarters.”


The studio continued:

In the Beta, it was faster to fire your weapon from a sprint by sliding than by simply ending your sprint to fire. This has been fixed so that ending a sprint to fire is the faster way to get your gun up, and sliding to fire is no longer faster.


Finally, no more of this:

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