Michael B. Jordan Wants Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 On PS5 And I Can't Argue With That

Screenshot: Capcom / Mobygames
Screenshot: Capcom / Mobygames
Photo: Frazer Harrison (Getty Images)

Creed and Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan already has a PlayStation 5. Such is the life of a celebrity.


In a recent Instagram post, Jordan wrote that while he thinks the PlayStation 5's gameplay and graphics are “🔥,” he also wants to see a certain old-school fighting game make a resurgence on the next-gen console: Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

I say give the man what he wants, Capcom.

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Seoul Sister

real gamers know

i wanted to just make a joke post or something but i can’t help it so here: it is ridiculousy that MvC2 and even MvC3 were such huge darlings of the FGC, casual and serious players alike, and how quickly the franchise just cratered and memory holed because of how they abandoned/made MvC3 difficult to acquire, and then how bad MvCI was. Just amazing that MvCI could have been produced at all, being that bad. Maybe the total amount of money wasn’t the same as something like Anthem, but it is absolutely a great disaster of gaming like that.

with the Square Avengers game tanking for a number of bad decisions, I think it’s also worth noting some similarities.

Obviously MvCI is Capcom, and Avengers is Square, and they’re different genres etc, and both games have their own flaws. But they also both have a couple of things in common.

One that I note immediately is this really artificial aesthetic and art style that is almost an anti-style. As in, things aren’t stylized or exaggerated - at least not compared to comics or previous video games. It just robs your game of so much possible personality, and flavor, and mood, to adhere to this aesthetic of non-style

I really want to know if that direction comes from Marvel or Disney trying to have a handle on the license, make them ‘look like’ MCU games, because I know that one of the things that killed MvC3 was that Marvel didn’t want the old looks of Iron Man, Cap, Thor etc. out there muddying up the ~universal branding~ MCU stuff, and Marvel also presumably wanted to renegotiate with Capcom.

idk, I swear there is a common thread here, and if I were a better writer or had contacts, I would totally pitch that piece to an outlet.