Sony Apologizes For PS5 Pre-Order Clusterfuck And Says More Consoles Will Be Available This Year

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Earlier this week, PS5 pre-orders started up at various retailers around the world at different times and with little warning. This created a giant mess and now Sony has officially apologized for the clusterfuck.


The problems started on September 16, right after the latest PS5 showcase video ended. Sony said pre-orders for its next-gen console would start “As early as tomorrow.” And then Wal-Mart and other stores began offering pre-orders right away and chaos ensued.

Over the next few hours, people desperately tried to pre-order consoles when different stores launched their PS5 product pages or activated pre-0rders. There was lots of confusion and not much word from Sony about what was going on. Now, a few days after the dust has settled and many are still looking to pre-order a PS5, Sony has apologized for the whole situation.

“PS5 preorders could have been a lot smoother.”


The company also said it will have more consoles ready to pre-order “over the next few days” and that even more PS5 consoles will go on sale throughout the year.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has been busy throwing some shade at Sony over the whole pre-order mess, with a tweet poking fun at the PS5 chaos.


Microsoft announced recently the exact time folks will be able to pre-order the next-gen Xbox consoles. Assuming no retailers break that date, it seems things might be a bit less chaotic during the Xbox Series X and S pre-order day. But who knows. It is 2020. Anything can happen.


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Legit question to the people preordering to get it at launch: Why? Other than Demon Souls it seems no launch game worth mentioning wont be on PS4 and the hassle seems to much to be worth it.