Open-World Harry Potter Game Hogwarts Legacy Revealed

Oh hey, that’s a fantastic beast.
Oh hey, that’s a fantastic beast.
Screenshot: WB Games

Remember back in October of 2018 when a leaked video seemed to show off an open-world Harry Potter game? During today’s PlayStation 5 event, WB Games announced Hogwarts Legacy, an open-world action RPG set in the 1800s Potterverse, coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Series X, and PC in 2021.


Explore magical locations, encounter magical enemies, learn magical spells, and magically attempt to overcome the dirty feeling of playing a game associated with noted transphobe JK Rowling. Developed by WB studio Avalanche Software, some members of which may have recently voiced their displeasure with the Harry Potter author, Hogwarts Legacy sees young, fresh wizards becoming older, more seasoned wizards. Since it is set in the 1800s, I am hopeful the game will allow players to use the floor as a bathroom and then wizard it away.

Here’s the trailer.

It looks like it could be a lot of fun. I worry about JK Rowling’s ... well, I almost wrote “JK Rowling’s taint.” That would have been bad.

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It’s really tone deaf for Sony to be announcing this right now. I’d expect they would be better but alas I am dissapointed yet again. JK Rolling just announcer her horribly transphobic book and now they are giving her MORE money and attention.