How's It Going?: Hot Dogs Edition

Saint’s Row 2
Saint’s Row 2
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You seem hungry. Well, I’m tossing some hot dogs on the grill right now. Come on over and come chat with other Kotaku readers in our daily open thread!


I feel like hot dogs have a bad reputation. (And when I say hot dog, I also mean brats.) For some reason, when I tell people that my GF and I will serve up some hot dogs for dinner they seem confused. As if two grown adults can’t just enjoy some damn hot dogs. I say that’s wrong. Hot dogs can be an affordable and easy meal.

It is odd though, that when I go out to get food for lunch I rarely if ever order a hotdog. I think it’s because they are so cheap and easy to cook up at home that the idea of spending money on one at a diner or restaurant seems like a waste of cash and time.

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How’s it going? Have you had a good hot dog or brat recently?

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During the Back When times before the Great Plague, I used to make my way over to a 7-Eleven in the next town over (the one on 200th St. at Angle Lake Station south of SeaTac Airport) that serves the Bahama Mama German sausage, which is like a hot dog’s final-form ultra-boss, the finest thing ever to come off a grill roller.

These days, even with a mask, I don’t want to be arsed to ride the King County Corona Can On Wheels from Kent (or the light rail from Seattle if I’m coming from the city after work) just to get a hot dog. I haven’t had one since February.

And the 7-Eleven nearest my apartment is awful; they’ll put hot dogs on that they don’t sell and they’ll just leave them there all day until they look like they could be used as props for that scene in Game of Thrones where Ramsay Bolton cuts Theon Greyjoy’s...umm...yeah I’ll stop now.

Anyway, I miss when convenience stores were convenient. And I miss that tasty hot dog that used to be a morale-booster once upon a time.