Latest Fall Guys Update Prevents Consecutive Team Games

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Fall Guys is great, but if there’s one thing on which most players can agree, it’s that the team-based mini-games don’t quite live up to the fun of the solo competitions. The game’s latest patch relieves that a bit by making back-to-back group activities a thing of the past.

Thanks to an update released this morning, Fall Guys players will no longer encounter consecutive team games, which can often feel like a crap-shoot depending on the engagement of your teammates. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Fall Ball—Fall Guys’ take on soccer—but it will be nice to not get the more frustrating team mini-games lumped together anymore.

Other changes in today’s Fall Guys update include migrating the previously Steam-exclusive Half-Life and Team Fortress 2 costumes to PlayStation 4, setting the max player count for Fall Mountain to 15, and decreasing the timer on Team Tail Tag and Royal Fumble to a minute and a half.


Fall Guys developer Mediatonic also mentioned that many of these changes were made in response to player feedback. Constructive criticism goes a long way!

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Batista Thumbs Up

I actually don't mind the team games, but all these changes are a nice update, so let me be the first to say WOOOOO (presumably while falling into a pink abyss)