Borderlands 3 Is Making Revives Less Annoying

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I don’t know about you, but I die a lot in Borderlands 3, especially in higher difficulty levels. That’s why I’m happy to see that the looter shooter’s next update will include some neat quality-of-life adjustments for the revival mechanic.

When an enemy takes you out in Borderlands, there are a couple methods to get back into the action. If you’re playing alone, killing an enemy will give you a second wind. If you have teammates, they can pick you up. This process is always a little more frustrating than it needs to be, however, due to the fact the downed player can still crawl around, and the copious amounts of scattered loot can often get in the way.

“Coming in the next patch, a player’s movement will slow while they are being revived and the interactive radius around the downed player will increase to prevent them from accidentally running away from their saviors,” the official Borderlands 3 site announced today. “We also will implement a particle system to indicate more clearly when a player is being revived, along with new functionality so that multiple players will be able to speed up the reviving process by all coming to a downed player’s aid.”


This revival mechanic reminds me of a similar option from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. By using a portion of your oxygen tank—most of the spin-off takes place in the vacuum of space—you could speed up the process of reviving one of your buddies. This was particularly useful for Claptrap players, since he didn’t need oxygen in the first place. As a fan of The Pre-Sequel’s eccentricities, it’s cool to see ideas that possibly germinated there make their way to Borderlands 3.

Additional changes coming to Borderlands 3 in subsequent updates include further tweaks to the expanded Mayhem mode, dedicated loot pools for named enemies, and more uses for the Eridium currency.

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Gene Jacket

If they could go ahead and rewrite the entire narrative to be less shit while they’re fixing things, that’d be just swell.

Sorry for the snark, the gameplay is great and BL3 has a ton of QoL improvements over its predecessors, but I will never forgive Gearbox for dropping the ball so goddamn hard in the story department. I know most players don’t care, but the character arcs/development and world building are the reason I love the series so much. The world building lore and story beats dealing with those aspects were excellent, but they took a big steamy piss all over the characters...the characters I cared about, at any rate.