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How's It Going?: Reset Edition

Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy
Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy
Screenshot: Steam

Welcome to another week, and welcome back to our daily open thread.

Social distancing is starting—or continuing—to wear on me. Nothing’s really changed where I live, but the string of days stuck at home is starting to take its toll. My apartment, particularly my couch, looks lived in in a way no amount of cleaning seems to reset. It’s hard to keep track of what things I need to do on a particular day because they all feel the same, with few of my routines to break them up


What are you doing to reset your brain and get over the hump? How’s it going?

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Kate Moore (chiisaisuzume)

I typically love my work, but this morning the prospect of having to spend another long day at the computer was almost too much. Not knowing what the future holds, I definitely didn’t want to take a vacation day—which feels pointless anyway. I’m right here, might as well work. So instead, I looked through my available options and tried to find something as far from the norm as possible, just for a change of pace. It doesn’t change most of the other difficulties, but it does help to keep it from feeling like the same old slog. I know it’s not going to be an option for everyone, but worth looking into if available.