How's It Going?: Life Lessons Edition

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Good morning! Welcome back to our daily open thread.

Yesterday, a friend of mine on Facebook asked people what things they’ve learned from or during this pandemic that they’d like to hold on to once life shifts to whatever “normal” is going to look like. I like this question a lot, and I tend to pride myself on being someone who can find the positive in any circumstance, but I’ve been really struggling to think of something. I don’t think I needed to feel more overwhelmed by the injustice of the world, or more grateful for the joys I’ve carved out for myself in it. It’s made some of those things feel more urgent, but I don’t think I needed a global crisis for that. Maybe these feelings are a badly-timed side effect of having gotten sober right before this—I did a bunch of “radically change my life” work already, so it’s not really like I needed the extra push.


I think I’m just being pessimistic this morning, though. I’m sure there’s something if I reflect a little more. What is this time teaching you? How’s it going?


It sucks. So hard. Scared all the time. Tired all the time. My family wears me out and I have nowhere to go. I hate this existence right now. I hate having to home school my kids from. 9-4, then working my online job after that. I hate not sleeping. I hate stress eating. I hate wondering if my allergies are maybe the start of COVID-19. I just hate everything and want to curl up in a ball and cry. And I hate that I can't do that, and have to pretend that everything is okay for my wife and kids.