PSA: Don't Watch The Latest Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer

Illustration for article titled PSA: Don't Watch The Latest Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer

This morning, the publisher Square Enix put out a new trailer for its upcoming video game Final Fantasy VII Remake. We here at Kotaku would like to offer some friendly words of advice: Don’t watch it.


See, this new trailer for the game (which launches on April 10 for PS4—although many stores in Europe and Australia are now selling the game early thanks to the coronavirus pandemic) is full of spoilers. Not just 23-year-old spoilers, but spoilers for the remake, which is full of brand new twists and turns. So if you’d like to remain unspoiled, stay away from this trailer.

Square Enix has a nasty habit of doing this sort of thing for much-anticipated games—in the weeks before the launches of Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III, the publisher also put out trailers that were full of heavy spoilers for both games.

We’ll have much more on Final Fantasy VII Remake next week.


Saw it, can confirm. Especially that part where Aerith looks directly into the camera and tells you how to revive her in the original game - I kinda wish I had seen that in the context of the actual story.