Today on Highlight Reel we have rude Vegeta behavior in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Smash Bros. moments, Modern Warfare parkour, Halo hitboxes, and much more!

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Lenny Valentin

That “shot myself in the face” clip - saw some random video some years ago now from some random weapons jagoff dude’s youtube channel where a guy was testing out a .50 cal sniper rifle against a big thick ole steel plate sitting like 100m off or something. So he lays down with the rifle on its stubby little legs, wearing a helmet and safety glasses - because you know, safety first - then fires off a shot, and you HEAR a clang of the round hitting the plate and then a bzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZ-chunkk! sort of sound of the round ricocheting and striking the dude square in the forehead so his helmet flies right off his head!

Basically craziest thing I ever saw. (Well, outside of a Russian dashcam video compilation anyway... ;)) If the guy hadn’t helmeted up before firing it’d been casket time for him, for sure. And if the round had hit just a little lower - still casket time.

Weapons jagoff dude then went on to explain that from that moment on, they would only fire on that plate with it sitting at an angle... lol Probably a good idea I would say! :)