Gainax President Arrested After Taking Nude Photos Of Teenage Girl

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The president of Gainax, best known for the Evangelion series, has been arrested. Tomohiro Maki, age 50, was taken into police custody after taking illicit photos of a teen.


Update: 12/5/2019, 7:50 a.m. EST: Studio Khara, which currently makes the Evangelion movies, issued a statement completely distancing itself from Maki, saying he is not involved with the series. Moreover, the statement pointed out that Khara head and former Gainax co-founder Hideaki Anno as well as former Gainax employee, current Khara member, and director of the upcoming Evangelion film Kazuya Tsurumaki have no connection to Maki, nor is he an acquaintance. Moreover, Studio Khara mentioned the legal battle that ensued with Gainax.


Besides taking topless photos of the girl several times, Maki is also accused of allegedly touching her; the Mainichi reports he massaged her leg. Maki reportedly claimed he was training her to enter the entertainment industry.

Yomiuri reports that these events are suspected to have occurred earlier this year in February at a Tokyo apartment. At that time, Maki was involved in developing voice talent. According to Sankei News, Maki’s own apartment was dubbed “Production Women’s Dormitory” (Purodakushon Jyoshiryou or プロダクション女子寮). Kyodo News adds that the voice actors were allegedly contractually obligated to live at Maki’s apartment.

The exec has denied all the allegations, except for taking the photos. “I was asked so I took the photos,” Maki is quoted as saying. “The truth is different.”

Gainax promoted Maki to president this past October.

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Maki’s own apartment was dubbed “Production Women’s Dormitory”