Sony has been trying to get an Uncharted movie made for over a decade now, and while the latest attempt to get Nathan Drake’s story on the big screen—starring Spider-Man’s Tom Holland—sounds like it might actually get made, the addition of Mark Wahlberg to the cast this week is a reminder of just how deep in development hell this project has been.

You might not remember, but this isn’t the first time Mark Wahlberg has been attached to the movie. In 2010 he signed on to star in the film as Nathan Drake, with Robert DeNiro to play his father and Joe Pesci his uncle. A year later, both he and director David O’Russell were gone.


Now, as Variety reports, he’s back! Only this time as part of director Travis Knight’s (Bumblebee) version, and rather than playing Drake, he’ll be co-starring as Sully.

A movie being in development so long that your star goes from playing Drake to Sully? Yikes.